These are two cartoon personalities that love climbing in sunny places, enjoy fine wine and extravagant food, whilst living a carefree life outdoors; they are the envy of anybody stuck at work!

These two fun characters usefully represent two styles of climbing. JINGO is very powerful with incredible upper body strength - but not so high on the skill or thinking level. WOBBLY on the other hand, is very crafty, with good flexibility, and tenacious fingertip strength.

The concept of putting these two chirpy chums in our climbing books, is that when you understand the meaning of them, you can see what style of climbing you are going to come up against - with the added advantage, in that it crosses all language barriers.


There is also a strong similarity between the partnership of Jingo and Wobbly characters, and both David and Carrie Atchison-Jones. This partnership is one of exploration all over Europe to collect detailed information, drawings and photographs that end up in the books. David has considerable professional experience in graphic design and photography, alongside an enormous wealth of walking, fell running, climbing and mountaineering experience. Carrie is a professional physiotherapist, but no slouch at cranking 7b, and being somewhat useful with the camera.


Our aim is to produce the sort of books that we wanted from the walking and climbing world - that didn't exist before we made them. We travelled to countries where we couldn't understand the language - so we invented guidebooks that minimise the use of words. We love colour photographs - so our books are stacked with lovely enticing picies. Guidebooks never tell you actually how to get to a destination - so we concentrate on this. Guidebooks should be big when you don't have to carry them, and small when you do - so hopefully ours do the right thing. We hope you have a fun time using them.


Some people 'wrongly think' that making climbing books generates huge profits. All the money from the sales of our books and advertising, goes straight into the production costs which range from printing, computing, photography etc. In addition, each Jingo Wobbly book will need around 5600 hours of voluntary work from Team Jingo Wobbly. Anyone who spends several days or even a week on nature conservancy projects, will realise that even 40 hours does not go that far; so politely - please don't ask us for any more voluntary contribution to climbing, we've done way more than our share.


This consists of David and Carrie Atchison-Jones, along with around 400 other climbers from all over Europe. We get voluntary help from a huge variety of areas; from climbers who struggle on 4a, up to some of the world's leading 8c boulderers and sport climbers. We like to include all levels of ability and enjoy climbing on any standard of route.

WOBBLY climbing at Cerdon, mid France (Grade - hardish)