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We make both bouldering and sport climbing guidebooks. They are all in colour and printed to the highest quality, then fully sewn bound so that they do not fall apart in use. Simply: they are made by climbers - for use by climbers.

The design uses a practical layout that does not use text or writing. All of the abbreviations are explained in both English and French, and should be pretty obvious to climbers anyway. This makes each title fully international (with the exception of the Learning to climb book).


Bouldering in Fontainebleau

FUN BLOC - FONT VOL 1, is now on sale in its 5th edition (Aug 2019) with lots of circuit re-numbering updates, and 3 new childrens circuits. There are over 7500 problems included, and it features all of the major areas that you are likely to visit on your first trips to this fantastic climbing area. All of the famous names such as Bas Cuvier, Isatis, Apremont and Elephant are fully described with superb maps and photo topos.

TOP SECRET - FONT Volume 2 is also now published in its 2nd edition (Aug 2019). This is published in the same style and format as FUN BLOC, but includes 9000 more problems that you will find in the lesser known areas. It is the essential additional book to have, especially when you want to look for something different and generally with much quieter locations.

France Roc Series

FRANCE ROC - 1 (Centre) BOURGOGNE: This book is A FULLY comprehensive guidebook to the 4 departments that make up Bourgogne. There are over 4000 routes insideit. This is the first book in the new series of guidebooks that will include all of the major sport climbing locations in France in 4 different volumes. The new design of guidebook uses a huge amount of photo topos, and is very skillful in its best use of space. Each guidebook in the new series can include up to 13,000 routes with the new 320 page design

FRANCE ROC - 2 EST - Published 2019

ESCALADE POUR LE WEEK-END: This book is now COMPLETE and should be on sale in your local climbing store. It has taken 5 years in production and features over 12000 routes within 256 cliffs. Click on the book to go through to more details on the book contents.

FRANCE ROC - 3 West: This book is now in production but will be a few years in the making.

With all of our climbing books, we only print small amounts, so that we can regularly update them with very minor changes. New editions will often have different photos, but still include the same cliffs and information.

SANDSTONE CLIMBING in South East England: This book is the second edition and covers all of the areas just to the South of London.

Sunshine guidebook

Avignon Soleil

This is a very colourful topo guidebook by the Jingo Wobbly climbing team to the superb climbing area in the south of France. There are over 1000 routes listed and described, that cater for all levels of climbing. This area to the North of Marseille is easily reached by Air - via Nimes or Avignon, and offers sun drenched rock, all year round.

Recent Publications

Sandstone Climbing in South East England

This is the first in the new series of photo topo guidebooks from Jingo Wobbly. It includes around 100 stunning action shots of bouldering and climbing.

This book is now published and is available from all good climbing shops.