Vol 3 - South West England

Vol 4 - South Wales

Vol 6 - Lakes & S Scotland

Vol 7 - Western Scotland

Vol 8 - Eastern Scotland

Vol 9 - North West Scotland

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This SERIES of books is being published in 10 separate volumes, and will comprehensively include all the major and minor hills across England, Wales and Scotland. If you are looking for a Munro, Corbett, Graham, Marilyn etc, you will find it included on a circular ROUTE in one of the volumes.

  • The concept of the series, is to offer a totally 'practical' and user friendly guidebook.
  • Every book has the same layout and is the same physical size. They are critically - slightly smaller than an ordinary OS map, and will actually go into most walking jacket pockets (around 1cm thick).
  • They are specially sewn bound so that pages cannot fall out, but have high quality thin paper so that they open out completely flat, easily going into a waterproof map case if need be.
  • Each book includes 50 double page map spreads, no more folding of maps or walking off the page
  • We create our own mapping - specially for walkers & runners, and have the most technologically advanced system of creating coloured relief hills, this quickly shows any reader however experienced, the complex terrain of hills and footpaths with ease.

Each book includes 150 'CIRCULAR ROUTES.' This is achieved by splitting every volume into 50 different geographic walking areas. (Click on volume area tab to the left for areas included in each book, to become available as each book is published). In each area we illustrate 3 different lengths of walk or Fell run.

  • 50 SHORT WALKS / RUNS of around 2 hours (around 6 miles) - and are generally 'around the hills.' They are all superb circular walks with excellent views, ideal if you only have a few hours, or the weather is bad. (Showing pubs, viewpoints etc.)
  • 50 MEDIUM WALKS / RUNS of around 3-4 hours (up to 12 miles) - usually 'through the hills.' These are classic day walks through impressive scenery, and are ideal for getting fit and burning off the calories.
  • 50 LONG WALKS / RUNS of around 5-8 hours (at least 14 miles, plus ascent) - definitely 'up hills.' These are challenging hill walks that will entertain even the most hardened Hill Walkers. They usually contain a lot of ascent and descent, and are not to be underestimated. They are ideal for analysing your fitness prior to going on a long distance footpath walk or trek.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Every book will have at least 150 colour photographs inside. These have all been taken by David Atchison-Jones whilst doing the walks and researching for the series. He is a distinguished Photographer and Cameraman, whose work has appeared in leading magazines and on all the major TV channels (BBC-CBS).

Vol 1: SOUTHERN ENGLAND - Published - June 5th 2008

Vol 2: NORTHERN ENGLAND - Published - August 12th 2009

Vol 5: NORTH WALES - Now publishing online 2014 - click on title

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