This BOOK first appeared as just Bourgogne with only 4 departments and was a selected guidebook. This new edition is now a very comprehensive guidebook to 16 departments and selects the best 250 cliffs that a climber should visit in a lifetime


The main idea of the FRANCE ROC SERIES, is to make very useable guidebooks that are incredibly compact, and cover a very large part of France with each Volume. The majority of local guidebooks on offer, will be highly detailed and cover cliffs with 10 times as many pages as this series. However, this series will give you more than enough information to accurately choose your cliffs, routes, campsites etc, and get you out climbing in a big area. It is intended that climbers will use this series to discover and area, and then obviously buy the more detailed guidebooks that local climbers produce, when they find out which cliffs have a good selection of routes in their particular grade range.


The book is split into 6 main regions that include adjacent departments, click on box below to explore. Bourgogne and Auvergne have both 4 major departments, but since there is such good climbing to be found in the nearby departments that touch these regions, we have also included a very good selection of cliffs that would only be an hours drive from the Bourgogne Auvergne. There are two major autoroutes A6-6 and A75 that cut straight through the regions and make easy access.


In order to get so much information into the this guidebook, all cliffs are featured as graphics, which enable colour coded routes to stand out exceptionally well.


Each area has a big overview map, that shows the location for each cliff, along with local useful campsites, and useful shops. Opposite each map there is a data page that lists all of the cliffs for the region, and gives data such as morning or afternoon sunshine, drying times - so that you can very quickly view and select the best cliff for the weather.

NOTE: Some cliffs are not included in this book, due to access problems or low quality climbing.

JINGO WOBBLY BOOKS - COPYRIGHT: All the photographs in our books are copyrighted, along with all the text and topo drawings. We visit all the cliffs included in our books, and make all the topo drawings ourselves by hand.

International topo guidebook


Bourgogne - Auvergne (July 2021)

First Edition - ISBN 978 1 873 665-17-6

36.00 Euros

320 pages, 210mm x 151mm

Two languages: French & English

Graphics and photo topo guidebook that will suit all languages.

256 Different climbing locations with a total of 11,000+ routes

Grade 4 - 1631 routes

Grade 5 - 2242 routes

Grade 6a-b - 2852 routes

Grade 6c-7a - 2401 routes

Grade 7b/c -1513 routes

Grade 8a-9a - 657 routes




2-Yonne & Morvan

4-Clermont-Ferrand & Cantal
5-St Etienne & Haute Loire
PAGE DESIGN LAYOUT - Pres Marty/Prat de Bouc - Area 4 (NE of Aurillac-Auvergne Cantal)