FRANCE EST - 7 Areas Escalade

A - Ardennes - Champagene - Nancy

B - Strasbourg - Vosges Nord

C - Belfort - Vosges Sud - Haut Doubs

D - Besancon - Jura Sud

E - Bugey - Bourget - Bauges

F - Haute Savoie - Aravis - Chamonix

G - Savoie - Tarantaise - Maurienne

AREA - G - SAVOIE - TARANTAISE - MAURIENNE- Savoie (73), Haute Savoie (74)


This area is one of the most remote in France. It doesn't have any of the really big cliffs found in the Haute Savoie, but has a great variety of smaller cliffs that will appeal to a huge amount of mid-grade climbers. Not much of the area is below 800m, and with a lot of cliffs around the 1500m altitude, so it makes for lovely summer climbing. There are a great many good campsites in the area, and it is deservedly popular in holiday periods. Many of the smaller cliffs are pretty quiet. A highly rewarding area for those wanting quality locatioins. For those operating in the 7c and above, St Martin La Porte is a must visit location.



Photo top: Les Foyeres (Moutiers)

Photo: Amoureux (Aussois-Maurienne)


Amoureux (73)

Beaufort (73)

Bellevue Modane (73)

Chatelard (73)

Chevril (73)

Chevril-Nouveau (73)

Col de Tamie (73)

Combe de la Neuva (73)

Cotes Blanche (73)

Crot-Pre (73)

Dalle de La Saix-Pralongnan (73)

Drailles Blanche (73)

Ecole Buis (73)

Foyères (73)

Fraiche (73)

Glaisy-Notre Dame du Pré (73)

Hermillon (73)

Madeliene (73)

Manchet (73)

Marie Christine (73)

Marlens (74)

Monal (73)

Mont Secret-Hautecour (73)

Plombiere (73)

Poingt Ravier (73)

Pont St-Antoine-Super Vanoise (73)

Pont Baudin (73)

Ravière (73)

Rochefleur (73)

Séloge, Petit (73)

Sollières (73)

St Marcel (73)

St Martin la Porte (73)

St. Leger (73)

Torchet (73)

Versondane (73)

Villarodin (73)

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